Here’s the Thing About Millennials

We’re reading more and more about how millennials are ruining this or millennials aren’t doing enough of that. Well, guess what? Being one of those said Millennials born between 1982-2004 (1990 to be exact) I feel like it’s safe to say we’re the generation of shakers. We’re here to shake things up!

We grew up when technology was just a baby. We went through elementary school with computer monitors the size of basketballs and played games like Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? or Sim City (Oh, the good old days). It’s almost like technology (as we know it) and us grew up together.  It went through that awful awkward stage just like us but it also showed us information we’d never seen before.

It’s almost like having more access to news and information caused us to question the world (go figure). It made us question brands. It made us question motives. Contrary to what every CEO might think or what every manipulative newspaper headline might say about us, we are a product of our environment.

We can see through the picture-perfect orientation, body shape, and ethnicity exclusive marketing and we read the food labels before we put a list full of long-winded chemicals into our body. We were there for the housing crash and boy were we there for the failing job market after we graduated college. We also uncover a lot of shady and inhumane stuff some companies do just to make more money. This model of greed doesn’t sit well with us. We want something with soul.

We don’t all want the same things our parents had. Partly because those opportunities just aren’t there and partly because the world is so different now. We have so many different options so there’s no need to stick to only one thing for the rest of our lives. Only we can decide whether that’s a good or bad thing and that’s exactly what all of these brands, companies, and even politicians are scared shitl*ss about. They want to ride off into their early retirement rich men with rich legacies and we’re not exactly making it easy for them. But while the media still whines about the ‘good ole days’ — we’re busy making work environments better to work in, supporting small businesses and startups, celebrating diversity, traveling, voting, and staying active in our communities (whether that’s online or off!).

Although we were a generation who has known tragedy we are also the ones who are finding creative ways to make new opportunities for ourselves in ways our parents could never have imagined. And I think that’s pretty awesome – and we’re not even done yet. We’re going to follow this intellectual renaissance of the modern age all the way – and we won’t stop until our world is a better, more sustainable place. x